In General

Even though this section of our website is supposed to be “about us,” it is still about you, not us.
Founded in the year 2019, CBDorNot is a freshly-born resource that concentrates on giving all of those who are interested in a comprehensive understanding concerning CBD, various CBD products, different types of marijuana strains, and medical cannabis (marijuana).
By following us in this CBD journey, you are bound to begin to understand the medicinal powers of marijuana much better, let alone you receive acknowledged information and impartial opinions regarding medical marijuana (cannabis) doctors, dispensaries, CBD, and CBD products.

Our Vision

The primary vision of our resource lies in the fact that we provide those who pay a visit to our website with the most relevant and helpful information out there.
We have a separate department that concentrates solely on reviewing and monitoring the information we post here on CBDorNot, thereby making sure we keep only up-to-date information on our website in case if there were any administrative changes or some “big reveals” about any particular marijuana strain or CBD product we posted information about already.

In all, it matters not whether you want to find a perfect marijuana strain, cannabis dispensary, information about CBD and various CBD products, or medical clinics and evaluation centers, CBDorNot is the place to be at!

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