Even if you do not identify yourself as an avid marijuana consumer, you most likely probably heard of pineapple express strain.

It matters not whether you saw the “2oo8 Hilarious Stoner” classic by the same name, or if you heard that your mother used to medicate with this particular strain back in her days, there is a reason of significance why the pineapple express strain is still at its prime.

Maybe the fact that Pineapple Express strain is still all the rage is caused by the energizing and uplifting high that it gives to its consumers, thereby making it possible for them to stay both creative and focused, which in its turn creates an image of the best strain to go quest of journeys and seek out hidden treasures with.

On the other hand, maybe it is all about that delightful flavor that clings on an individual’s tongue right after he grabbed that very first hit.

To be frank, it does not really matter – whatever the actual reason is, Pineapple Express strain is still a pretty well-balanced cannabis strain that has a taste as it came down straight from the Heaven.

Pineapple Express Strain Explained

In substance, Pineapple Express strain is generally classified as a well-balanced sativa dominant hybrid, with a ratio of sixty percent sativa to forty percent indica.

Even though this particular strain does carry a grand portion of indica genetics, (for this reason the consumer might find this strain to be pretty energizing and powerful) yet Pineapple Express does not cause any numbing body effects to occur.

Speaking of the Pineapple Express strain’s parental lineage, this marijuana strain originates from a breeding of the landrace sativa titled Hawaiian strain and the hybrid strain known by the name of Trainwreck.

The fact that Pineapple Express strain has such a prominent manifestation of sativa-style effects when consumed may be forasmuch as half of Pineapple’s genetics originate from an immensely pure strain that is of one hundred percent sativa origins.

The THC levels of Pineapple Express strain generally range in the sixteen to twenty-six percent range, which in its turn brings an explanation of why high bringing effects of this particular strain are so strong and powerful.

In case if a steady blazer is the only thing you desire to receive from your high, then you inevitably will not end up being frustrated by giving Pineapple Express strain a shot.

Totally natural and so far from being the experiment produced by the government that it is said to be in the classic “Pineapple Express” movie, Pineapple Express (the strain, not the movie), delivers such a quality of pureness and tranquility to its consumers, let alone it keeps one’s mind open to new possibilities.

All the information I have just provided you with ought to give you a comprehensive understanding concerning this packed-full-of-goodness Pineapple Express strain.

By the way, it is important to note that this Pineapple Express strain is being trusted widely in the medical cannabis community (you and I will discuss this matter in a few paragraphs below).

This cannabis strain is known to help to treat a wide variety of numerous conditions, symptoms, and ailments.

Also, there was a separate phenotype of Pineapple Express created with a higher CBD content.

In particular, this phenotype was created in order to provide direct assistance of individuals suffering from some critical medical conditions.

What Does It Smell, Taste, and Look Like?

Speaking of the scent of Pineapple Express strain, when an individual makes that very first hit of this marijuana strain, he immediately becomes aware of the fact that what he is breathing in is something different, incomparable, unique, and peculiar (even if that particular individual has no idea what this strain actually is).

Moreover, the moment he realizes that this strain is usually referred to as Pineapple Express, all the answers become way too obvious for him.

He has just gotten a sharp scent of something fruity and floral.

Also, then this earth-derived scent transports him into a visualization of being caught up in the tropics while lying somewhere on a beach in the Maldives, with all of his matters he cares about and issues he worries about vanishing away one by one for just that little but precious and wild moment.

When it comes to the taste of Pineapple Express strain, because of how delicious, enjoyable and delightful this strain’s aroma is, you are no doubt going to become presumably enticed by this fascinating and intoxicating marijuana and want to have a taste of it.

Am I correct?

Is so, then let us get to it.

The very first hit of yours will remind you of apples and tangerines; however, it does not necessarily mean that Pineapple Express strain is sweet in flavor, yet you still will be able to sense the hints of something fruity, citrusy, and maybe even a little floral thrown in for extra good measure.

On that very first inhale of yours, you are bound to encounter the fruitiness in its full appearance, with a hint of pineapple left gliding on your tongue long after all the smoke has gone, thereby sending your taste buds into a hurricane of pleasure.

Now, when you breathe it’s precious smoke out, pine and woodsy tastes fill up your mouth first, then they will travel to your nostrils, thereby creating this delicious and enjoyable combination that is both humbling and grounding at the same time.

Speaking of the appearance of the Pineapple Express strain, it resembles an indica ever so insignificantly, with particularly densely pressed buds that are long and tapered like the shape of a classic sativa.

Just by having one single look, one does not need to be a weed-genius in order for him to realize the evident fact that this potent strain is indeed a hybrid.

The long water leaves of the Pineapple Express strain reach up high into the clouds, thereby displaying the fifty-one shade of deep greens and sometimes tinges of baked oranges and burgundy reds, which in its turn brings a perfect explanation of why this particular strain had been cultivated in colder climates.

The buds themselves are both sugary and crystalline, with a bright, green shade that varies in certain sections of theplant to a dark yellow color, broken up by the amber-orange of the pistils that reach and curl towards our day-star.

How Can I Grow It?

Pineapple Express strain is moderate in difficulty to cultivate, which means that this strain is not quite a good fit for total amateurs.

However, it is possible to work one’s way up to effortlessly being able to grow the Pineapple Express strain.

Fundamentally, climate control is the main issue for its sparse increase in difficulty, for Pineapple Express strain demands a uniquely gentle and mild climate in order for it to be able to grow and thrive in.

From here, the weather that simulates tropical conditions as closely as possible would be a perfect environment for cultivating this marijuana strain.

Fortunately enough, this strain is astonishingly immune to mold, powdery mildew, bugs, pests, diseases, and other disturbances, thereby keeping the maintenance of this strain in that spectrum on the down low.

Pineapple Express is a high-growing cannabis strain, so if you decided to cultivate this lass indoors, then make sure to have an adequate amount of space for her branches to reach up high right up to the sky.

When grown indoors, Pineapple Express strain can blossom with just about any viable method including hydroponics or soil-grown.

Pineapple Express strain is a high yielding marijuanastrain, with flourishing indoor grows typically guaranteeing around eighteen ounces per square meter and outside grows at around nineteen ounces per single plant.

Speaking of the flowering period of Pineapple Express strain, it lasts around seven to eight weeks, with the exemplary harvest time for outdoor grown crops hitting around mid-Autumn season.

The Effects of Pineapple Express Strain

Although the vast majority of the population is aware of how insane the 2008 film Pineapple Express made this strain out to be, the Pineapple Express strain is not even firmly as strong as it was described in the film.

Moreover, it certainly will not leave one dysfunctional or make him act stupid.

On the contrary, one can experience quite the opposite effect — with Pineapple’s potential to bring soul-searching and substantial cerebral effects, thereby continuing all the way down to an individual’s body, which in its turn fills right up with blissful relaxation, yet leaves an urge to carry on.

Pineapple Express strain hybrid indeed is a quintessential balance which keeps its consumer within the happy medium of an entirely creative spirit that is absolutely ready to journey out on an adventure to a thought-provoking reader who merely wants to keep it all in.

Notwithstanding of what goes on with an individual’s mind, Pineapple Express strain gives a body numbing effect, thereby making any pains or aches the consumer might be having physically quickly vanish, all while maintaining his mind both sharp and concentrated.

However, it does not quite perfectly fit for a morning pre-work smoke forasmuch as Pineapple Express strain can sometimes leave one feeling a tad bit too spacey in order for him to productively function at the workplace.

Nonetheless, right after an individual gets home or even on a day off, if he needs that good green stuff to act like a little pick-me-up kind of a lad/lass, then Pineapple Express strain is exactly the road he ought to turn down.

The Medical Aspects of It

Presumably, the most severe medical condition that Pineapple Express strain has been known to be of tremendous help with is clinical depression.

Due to this strain’s both uplifting and energizing nature, for those who are undergoing from a mental condition, particularly one that can be as debilitating and fatigue-inducing as depression, Pineapple Express strain has its own way of getting its consumers re-motivated and re-excited for going out in the world and getting things done.

Similarly, the strain sets its users into good spirits, thereby making it not only a fantastic strain for boosting ones’ energy, but also for quieting the mind and simultaneously bringing in positive thoughts.

Others who are suffering from anxiety, stress, and even PTSD, have also found some satisfaction from this fruity and tropical marijuana strain.

In case if you are undergoing a mental condition and are seeking towards this powerful hybrid for relief, then it is essential to know your limits of consumption the cannabis and only consume the quantity that you know is a safe level for you.

Additionally, what you all need to know is that taking any strain of cannabis while handling any kind of a mental disorder can lead to a worsening in fear, anxiety, and even paranoia.

In addition to various mental conditions, Pineapple Express strain is quite valuable for those handling chronic pain, or just moderate to mild pains.

In case if you are using this strain for the reasons I have just provided you with, a large dose may help you feel the full extent of the effects of this strain.

Now, consuming edibles, concentrates, candies, live resins and shatters, are all ways that ensure a higher dosage, yet are still convenient for general use.

Pineapple Express Strain’s Side Effects

Pineapple Express strain is not considered an insanely potent strain when compared to other marijuana strains on the cannabis market.

Considering this, the negative effects of this strain are considerably milder.

The most commonly reported side effects after consuming this strain are dry mouth, dry eyes, or dehydration.

In order to better assist with any responses of one’s dry mouth or dehydration, it is vital to drink plenty of hydrating liquids before, during, and after one’s high to make sure the likelihood of the appearance of such symptoms lessens substantially.

The symptom of dry eyes is solvable by having a bottle of moisturizing eyedrops in one’s pocket, which can be purchased for an affordable price at one’s local Walgreens store.

Other than that, the appearance of any other adverse side effect is much less likely, if not rare.

Hence, Pineapple Express strain can be considered a reasonably risk-free strain to consume by the vast majority of the users.

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I genuinely hope that you have enjoyed reading this Pineapple Express strain’s review of mine.

This single marijuana strain popularized by the cult-classic movie of the same name, which was released in the year 2008.

Also, I hope that you not only found this article to be entertaining but also both educational and informative, at that!

It is essential to note that the consumption of marijuana is the individual responsibility of the user and discretion ought to be taken at all times.

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